Year: 2012
Lead Artists: Felicia Batzloff & Elisa Yon

This project explored Marpole’s unique relationship to place. The project was initiated in a vulnerable bus shelter that had been identified by the community as a priority site for public art. The artists considered place and location as they walked along the electric bus lines on Granville Street in Marpole. Cloud Coordinate existed as an experimental respite for contemplation while waiting inside the bus shelter. Prior to installation, the artists engaged community members with a series of postcards that asked the question: “if you wanted to go anywhere in the whole wide world, where would you go?”. The community postcards were then assembled into an artist book that became the inaugural acquisition for the artist book collection at the Marpole Branch of the Vancouver Public Library. Numerous riders on Translink reported that their daily transit experience was significantly improved with the installation of this artwork.