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2008 to present by Cameron Cartiere and Sophie Hope

The Manifesto of Possibilities is a tool designed to help anyone commissioning public art in an urban environment. It has been used worldwide by hundreds of municipalities, public art officers and institutions, influencing numerous programs and municipal policies –from England to Japan, from New Zealand to the United States.  

Developed from research by Cameron Cartiere and Sophie Hope and is a knowledge transfer mechanism that aims to inspire reflection, discussion and cohesive action for all those involved in commissioning public art.

Purposely designed as a poster/mind map (rather than a book or peer review journal article), one can immediately see that the commissioning process is a complex organism that involves multiple issues and participants. As a document on the wall, it helps support public art officers by holding the authority of the process particularly in discussions with developers who might want to steamroll through the process.

Through extensive debate (in person and online) with experts from a range of fields intersecting with public art, including architecture, urban planning, landscape design, and community engagement, the Manifesto of Possibilities incorporates the know-how of hundreds of public art practitioners, ensuring its viability and transferability.