Year: 2018
Artistic Director: Martin Rose

On the Wing was a series of evening live music performances combined with video projections of animations highlighting crows in flight. This animated video projection spectacle was directed by Martin Rose of Emily Carr University and a team of student animators, accompanied by an original musical performance by David Gowen and the League of Flying Monkeys. On the Wing took place at MacLean Park, Queen Elizabeth Park and the Arbutus Greenway at 57th Avenue in August 2018. Each open-air screening showed a unique part of the crow story from lift-off through flight and finally landing.

On the Wing was part of As the Crow Flies, a 10-kilometer long public artwork, one of the longest public art installation in Canada, running all the way from Strathcona to Marpole and taking place in the weeks leading to the Vancouver International Bird Festival and the 27th International Ornithological Congress, two events that brought thousands of bird enthusiasts from around the world to British Columbia. It was the brainchild of professor Cameron Cartiere of Emily Carr University of Art + Design and her collective chART Projects, who aimed to celebrate our feathered friends and raise awareness of the vulnerability of the bird species trying to raise their young in our shared city.