Year: 2016 – 2018
Lead Artist: Cameron Cartiere

For All Is For Yourself is an art exhibit that is the poetic expression of the labour of bees. It was designed by Cameron Cartiere and the chART Collective, with the aim of bringing chART’s public art pollinator pastures out into the community.

This project took place in 2016 in Richmond BC as well as Kelowna BC, and in 2018 in Sun Valley, Idaho. In each city, the project proceeded in two phases: First, a series of mobile seed-paper making workshops allowed members of the public to create the raw materials for the artwork, then 10,000 bumblebees were laser cut from the paper created in the workshops and installed in a gallery to create a massive artwork.

Over several months, this project allowed the public to engage in art production, education and discussions, raising awareness of the importance of preserving habitats for pollinators, demonstrating how small improvements to the urban fabric that anyone can make have a dramatic positive impact on the environment.

In addition to the paper-making workshops, the project also featured bee-keeping education, poetry sessions, educational talks and gardening workshops. The installation, For All Is For Yourself, encourages community awareness and long-term environmentally responsible behaviour around bee stewardship.