Year: 2020
Project Lead: Cameron Cartiere
Lead Designer: Christian Blyt
Client: BC Hydro

Following the success of its 2015 consultancy project with Cameron Cartiere, BC Hydro hired chART Projects to redesign the fencing around the John Lawson Substation in Richmond BC. The fence’s perforated patterns were inspired by tidal currents in the local area, which gives the project its name, Tidal Currents.

As with most design assignments, the project proceeded in three phases: First, a conceptual design for the fence was developed through extensive collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of BC Hydro site engineers, procurement specialists and communications specialists. Then, chART Projects developed a set of technical specifications including CAD drawings, material requirements and supplier recommendations. Lastly, chART projects consulted with BC Hydro to supervise construction and execution.

But chART Projects did not stop there: In addition to supplying a design for this particular location, chART designed a system that could be used to create modular fencing, such that it could be visually customized for any future location. In this way, BC Hydro could not only improve speed of response, but would also raise design standards and expand their fencing options, especially in urban environments.

Public art adds value to institutional projects in surprising ways, by enhancing functional performance aspects through social and community benefits, and this project is another innovative example.